What do I mean by VALIDATING a £100K+ film project?


validating a indie film project


I always enquire with my consulting clients whether they have had their £100K+ indie film projects VALIDATED by atleast 500 of it’s target audiences – even before the project has been properly packaged and the development phase has begun!

This helps me and the film’s team & any potential financial backers to quickly evaluate whether the film is investment-ready or even investment grade!

How does A Film Project Validation works

In a nutshell, this is how it works.

1) Reach out to your film’s target audience (which you must already know by now) on social media & where ever they are online and engage with them.

2) Once you’re sufficiently engaged with them over a period of 30 days +, talk to them about your film project (do a mini-pitch to them, show them a very prelim preview etc.)

3) What you want to gauge is this audience’s reactions to your film project – are they eager to know more or are they very passive.

4) Pay close attention to audience reactions & things like:

  • What they say they don’t like about the film project?
  • What they like about the film?
  • Are they showing any signs of joy/pain – emotional reactions to the film’s storyline/concept etc?

5) From this audience – you want to collect atleast 500 audience members who show a great deal of eagerness and say they want this film made.

6) If you STRUGGLE to find ‘The 500’ early on in your film’s life cycle, it means that your audience is disinterested in your project or that they are hard to access now and therefore it will be hard & costly for your completed film to reach out to them.


Film Project Passion Score (PSS)

This validation should give you an early indication of the PASSION SCORE (PSS) for your film project. The PSS is part of a custom scoring system that I devised and regularly use when assessing & evaluating £100K+ indie film projects in development.

In any case, without passion, your audience won’t most likely PAY to watch your film when it’s made. If there aren’t many paying audiences for you film, your £100K+ film’s investors could loose their money and distributors will be reluctant to take on the project and so on.

This is not a good sign if you want to obtain £100K+ from film investors and film financiers – as they will look at your project as having low investment potential.

For this reason, you should park the film or work on improving it based on your audience feedback OR better, move onto another project & repeat and rinse this validation process first and foremost.

Have you gone and validated your £100K+ film project/s yet? Do let me know in the comments below!