Why Your £100K+ Indie Film Project Is A Tough Sell


indie film tough sell

Reputable indie film investors & financiers see and hear from 100’s of filmmakers & producers every week, desperate to get their films financed by them.

Yours isn’t the only project of it’s kind in the world in front of them. That is type of unkind environment you are looking to sell to…And the odds are stacked against you from the start.

Do you really want to worsen the odds & make your £100K+ film project a tough sell too?

Here are 3 common reasons why film projects become tough sells – from what I’ve seen in over a decade in the film business:

1) Film Does Not Address Demand

The filmmakers & team behind a film project fail to clearly convey to a film investors or financier, the UNMET desire or DEMAND their film project addresses.

What makes a film project different & very investible is when you show THE DEMAND – so when investors go home , they are still thinking about your project and can’t forget it.

2)Poor Pitching & Presentation Skills 

You are seeking £100K+ film investments in real cash from real investors. They are looking to invest in people & film projects they can trust and can rely on to make a return on their investments (ROI).

How do film investors know to invest in your project (and you) when they don’t know you and have plenty of other projects to choose from?

This is where first impressions matter – you’ll loose out when your pitch at the first meeting or first point-of-contact with them isn’t perfect.

Don’t let your presentation let you down! Don’t let how you turn up and the way you dress let you down. Showing signs of nervousness is also a big LET DOWN!!

3)Weak Film Work Track Record

Investors & financiers will ASK about your background as a filmmaker/producer and all your previous films’ financial track record. They will also want to learn the same about the other key people in your team.

Filmmakers usually have an awesome film resume, but’s it!!

That’s not enough when you come in front on film investors & financiers seeking £100K and more for a film.

You might think your indie film project is the next big thing but that’s not enough to persuade investors to come onboard.

The market is flooded with big ideas in any case…And, it will cost you if you are unprepared or worse still, under prepared!

Don’t grossly underestimate what it will take you and your film team to get that £100K+ in film investments & financing. If your project isn’t unique from both a creative & commercial perspective, hasn’t got anything FANTASTIC about it , film investors will not want to ‘loose their shirt’ over it.

You’re already up against established names & project – so what action will you take as the lead filmmaker or producer of a £100K+ film project, in order to get that film investment & to turn that into a film that is liked by it’s audiences & is commercially successful?

Do let me know in the comments below…