Why ‘Nexting’ Matters When Making Your Film Fortune

Nexting in the Indie Film Business
Most indie filmmakers and actors would like to work full-time in films. To do this, you have got to constantly find work. However what often happens is that people makethat one movie, do that one major starring role and then spend the next 12 months or more just promoting or piggy backing off that one project.


In my experience, many film colleagues actually hold onto that one pet project for way too long. Whereas they should already be prospecting or working on their next role/project while staying current with their existing project i.e. in parallel. I call this ‘nexting’.

By not having the nexting mindset, you could actually be hindering your career growth – especially if it’s a blossoming or a re-booted one.

Ask “What’s next?”

You don’t have to spend a significant amount of time trying to get your existing film or that ONE role out there. That is where great time-management comes in. Without a focus and self accountability, you could get caught up in the whirlwind of promotions, felicitations or struggles with your current project and forget to keep nexting by asking “What’s next?”

You have to always have an appetite for more and the next thing. Why? I will tell you – because your next thing could be even bigger than many of your last things!

Have you even considered that without moving onto the next project, you are virtually saying a big “No” to even bigger and better things that could come your way – do you really want that to happen?

To make your film fortune, you need those big breaks and next paychecks- so start nexting!!

How Nexting Works

Think of your next project like a plane trying to take off…it will require you two or even three times as much time and effort as focusing/working on your current project. That’s why lots of film folks keep on doing and finding more work to do on their existing project as they find nexting too hard.

Put 20% of your daily/weekly time and effort on your current project – the remaining 80% must always be put into getting the next film project off the ground or for landing that next acting role. 

By following the 80%-20% strategy for nexting, you’ll constantly have new work which will progress you faster. 

Nexting creates abundance…

Nexting brings about an abundance mentality in you. This will make you stand out amongst the sea of needy and desperate film peers who operate with a scarcity mentality, an attitude that literally has no upside and kills off any chances of prospering and making their film fortune. 

…gives more financial stability…

The more work you have or look forward to also makes you more financially stable. You won’t fear drops in film income, can sustain a full time job in films and still live according to the standard of living you desire.

…and improves you

Having constant work lets you practice and improve all the parts of your filmmaking or acting. Practice does make perfect and you can’t improve on your craft if there is no work to practice it on.

While making more films and doing more acting roles, you will also improve the quality of your professional film network and better your people skills in a work setting. After all, people are the most important asset in a collaborative enterprise such as either filmmaking or acting.

Nexting matters a lot – if you don’t have an answer to it each and every time, you will have a very short career in showbiz! That doesn’t mean you need to completely stop any work on the current project.

Learn to think ahead/move on without completely divorcing yourself from the current film projects you’re involved in. If you don’t there will be nothing in the future for you.