How to Use the internet to Attract Your film’s backers

finding film investors online

Most of the time, it will be interested film investors who find you on the internet. Not the other way round. Think attracting investors, not approaching them. That’s how it’s likely to work for you. So get their attention by selling yourself and your film projects as best as possible.

That’s why it makes sense for filmmakers to promote themselves better online and be as everywhere as possible on the internet.  You should also actively interact online in places of interest to professional investors and wealthy individuals. You never know who/where/how a quality investor will stumble upon you!

How to attract investor attention online?

1. Crowdfunding campaign: Run a film crowdfunding campaign very early in your film’s life cycle. Believe me, when I tell you that there are very high quality backers hanging out on the crowdfunding sites. But, they are very picky and will only show interest in filmmakers and campaigns that are run very professionally and show lots of promise. 

2. Online calling card: Your website plus an engaging and engaged social media presence is both your online filmmaking calling card and pitch. Showcase the film project (that you’re looking for funding for) 6-12 months before you plan to start filming.

3. Don’t look in obvious places: The rich list, millionaires, doctors and dentists – every filmmaker is already chasing them online for film funding. You shouldn’t! But get their attention and let them approach you.

4. Befriend accountants and IFAs: Focus on searching online for accountants and independent financial advisers (IFAs) who specialise in high net worth clients. Work really hard to get their attention and wait. Never bombard them with solicitations or hound them. If they are suitably impressed, they will ask for a pitch and selectively introduce you to a few interested parties.

5. Approach your banker: If you’ve successfully carried out all the above steps, you should now be getting good investor interest and feedback. In exceptional cases, this will translate into 100% funding for your film venture.  But for most of you filmmakers, you’ll have to rely on your banker for part-funding. When it’s time to approach your bank, show/send them your impressive online portfolio of investor interest and feedback that you have managed to collect. Back this up with a film business plan and credible numbers, and you should be ‘ in the money’!

Your online efforts at finding film backers should only be a supplement to your real world persistence and hard work. Once you are established and have a noteworthy presence online, it becomes easier to get financial backers with large pockets. Till then, it’s a bit of a grind I’m afraid! So try to get established quickly as possible with our help.