Filmmaker Fortune 101

Getting Started

Hi, I’m Philip Varghese, founder of Filmmaker Fortune. If you’re new to the world of filmmaking entrepreneurship, online businesses and multiple income streams, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and shape your own filmmaker fortune (FMF) life !

Filmmaking Fortune: The Definition

In order to build your FMF life, you must first understand what the term filmmaking fortune really means. What I focus on here at FMF is:

Building filmmaking businesses that take advantage of entrepreneurship, technology, systems of automation and the internet to allow film funding, film promotion, profitability and career growth to happen effortlessly without requiring the traditional A-lister set up.

In other words, we don’t have or need the resources available to A-list filmmakers. We don’t ask permission to make films and to get it seen. We work hard now at being resourceful and creating pipelines to immense fortune that we consistently reap later.

In order to live the FMF life, you must be good in all the key FMF areas – what I call the F’s in FMF. You cannot live the life if you are very good in one or two areas, but have big, routine problems in others.

The F’s in FMF:

Financial Well-Being: You’re earning a regular full-time filmmaking income to continually support your filmmaking career.

Funding: You can repeatedly access quality film funding sources.

Fame: You’re a popular filmmaker with instant fan and industry recognition.

Freedom: You’ve flexibility and choice over the films you want to make for your fans.

Fans: Your loyal fans love you and can’t get enough of your films.

Focus: You can work hard and distraction-free to be successful.

I am here to help you get good in all of the above F’s.

Filmmaker Fortune 101