How to call “Cut!” on your filmmaking hibernation

end filmmaking hibernation

Are you on a filmmaking hibernation? I have been there myself and let me tell you, it’s not a good place to be in. The loss of confidence in your filmmaking abilities and watching your peers get ahead is not easy to take.

Call “Cut!”

Why do filmmakers hibernate? I have found that the reasons are mostly filmmaking related, sometimes it’s personal and in the rare cases, it’s because of a life event. Whatever the reasons, end it right now. Your shot at having a career and steady income from filmmaking requires it.

It’s the exact opposite situation with established filmmakers.They regularly attach themselves to projects and are always involved in the filmmaking process, one way or another. Getting stuck in the filmmaking wilderness is not an option for them.

Shout “Action!”

Only one thing will work to get you back on the path to making films – Action! As filmmakers, you know when to shout “Action!” and when to call “Cut!”

Waiting around for inspiration to jolt you into action is simply not going to happen. Neither is it going to get easier after a long absence. Instead, keep moving forward. Even if it means taking small steps at a time. 

Taking Action Now – What this means

1. Revisiting your dormant or abandoned scripts is taking action

2. Reworking your filmmaker CV is action.

3. Film funding is shrinking, but guess what, so’s the cost of filmmaking. Take action and make a film for £500.00. With a suitable story and proper planning, you can.

4. If you don’t have the resources to make a feature now, make a short. That’s action. If you can’t make a short, assist on one.

5. If shorts don’t interest you, showcase your creativity by making a YouTube video. Today’s smartphones make it easy. Then market the YouTube videos on your social media pages. 

6. Start a blog. Get a new following and reconnect with your earlier fans and supporters.

7. Start networking again. Begin online – emailing connections, being on Linkedin etc – it’s time efficient and convenient.

There are a numbers of ways to take action – these are just some of them. It doesn’t matter what action you take as long as you take it. No excuses!

Just take “Action” or get the help to take action!