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Film Money Mentoring Services

If you need customized, one-on-one mentoring to take your film financing & film business to the next level, I have years of consulting and coaching experience bringing real film money results to my client’s film projects.

To learn more, click below on the link to the Film Money Mentoring service that interests you:

Quickie MentoringAn inexpensive way to get a quick mentoring session with me for 30 minutes on any film money, business or career topic you like.

Monthly Film Money Mentoring Plans: In-depth mentoring with me one-on-one for rapid film money and business results.

Executive Producer ServiceAs a Executive Producer, Film Finance expert & BAFTA member for 15+ years, I will help your film project attract more financing and make more money and you can focus on what you love to do – which is filmmaking! I can help you start your own £1M+ film project, or increase the financing and profitability of your current film project.


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