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If you need customized, one-on-one assistance to take your film financing & film business to the next level, I have years of consulting and coaching experience bringing real film financing results to my client’s film projects.

To learn more, click below on the link to the consulting/coaching service that interests you:

Quickie ConsultationAn inexpensive way to get a quick consultation with me for 30 minutes on any film business topic you like.

Monthly Coaching Plans: Working with me in-depth and one-on-one for rapid results.

Executive Producer ServiceAs a Executive Producer, Film Finance expert & BAFTA member for over 15 years, I will help your film project attract more financing and make more money and you can focus on what you love to do – which is filmmaking! I can help you start your own £1M+ film project, or increase the financing and profitability of your current film project.


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