professional support for filmmaking career

The Professional Support You Need For Your #1 Primary Filmmaking Career Goal

  In case you’re a first time feature filmmaker and/or producer or even just a few films old, bettering your track record with every successive film should be your #1 primary filmmaking career goal. To achieve this goal, you will have to bring in some experienced professional support early on in the development stages of […]

moving to Hollywood

What To Do Before Moving To Hollywood or London or Mumbai

  What do you do when you don’t live in L.A, London, Mumbai, Dubai or Hong Kong or anyone of the other established filmmaking centres? This is a question that’s often on the mind of a lot of young and even older filmmakers. Some of the common questions I’ve often received on this subject are: […]

Reinforcing Failure In The Indie Film Business

Reinforcing Failure In The Indie Film Business

  Assumptions are very prevalent in the indie film business community. It’s assumptions that plague the 80%-90% that don’t have a successful track record in the indie movie business. Not only are assumptions usually costly but they make you act big while reinforcing failure. We know that success has a thousand fathers while failure is […]

Indie Film Business Opportunities In India

Indie Film Business Opportunities in India

  The Indian film industry and especially the Indian indie film scene, if you can can handle it’s uncomfortable, difficult, developing world environment, is a land of huge opportunity for the smart, agile, hard working Western indie filmmaker and producer. Because you were born and/or raised in the West and using your superior filmmaking skills […]

Succeed By Progressing Imperfectly

Succeed By Progressing Imperfectly In The Indie Film Business

  When you’re developing, producing or even promoting and selling your Indie films, are you getting stuck at any one of these stages? Is it becoming harder for you to move on to the next stage of your film? Does it take a lot of effort and time and even then do you remain unsatisfied? […]

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