attending film markets once a year

Why You Have To Attend Film Markets Once A Year

  As an independent filmmaker or producer looking to get your indie films under £1.5M financed, sold and distributed, you really ought to attend one or more of the top tier film markets once a year, every year. I’m not talking about attending the film festivals – am specifically referring to the film markets like […]

moving to Hollywood

What To Do Before Moving To Hollywood or London or Mumbai

  What do you do when you don’t live in L.A, London, Mumbai, Dubai or Hong Kong or anyone of the other established filmmaking centres? This is a question that’s often on the mind of a lot of young and even older filmmakers. Some of the common questions I’ve often received on this subject are: […]

Indie Film Business Opportunities In India

Indie Film Business Opportunities in India

  The Indian film industry and especially the Indian indie film scene, if you can can handle it’s uncomfortable, difficult, developing world environment, is a land of huge opportunity for the smart, agile, hard working Western indie filmmaker and producer. Because you were born and/or raised in the West and using your superior filmmaking skills […]

Build high value film business relationships

Stop Complaining And Build High Value Film Relationships!

  Most of the film industry works on high value based high quality relationships and it works well and has for decades…no point protesting it! Protesting and complaining seem like better options for many filmmakers and producers – rather than facing reality, doing what it takes. I have found that its their own low-level thinking […]

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