film pitch deck

Things Your High-End Pitch Decks Have Got To Have

  Among the thousands of indie films in development that are looking for financing and to attach a small pool of sellable talent, your project has got to stand out. And stand out both when you make approaches online and/or face-to-face at a financier or agent’s offices or at a film market that you attend […]

facebook ads for indie film revenue

Getting Started With Facebook Ads For Indie Film Revenue

  Once you have successfully listed your Indie Film on Amazon or another VOD platform, your work to generate film revenue isn’t done. Without doing any marketing or promotions, you just can’t sit there hoping audiences will find and then pay to watch your film/s on VOD. Marketing and promoting your film is your responsibility […]

Movie Websites For Indie Films In Development

5 Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  Do you have a fully-fleshed out movie website for your film that is currently in development? If you do and it’s working for you, maybe you can skip this article – or read on and you could pick up some pointers? I know what you’re probably thinking already, it’s probably one of these things: […]

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