5 more movie website must-haves

5 More Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  This article is a follow up to a previous article where I talked about 5 movie website must-haves for indie film in development. You can read the full article here. Continuing from that article, I wanted to share 5 more film website must-haves that I believe a lot of indie film websites aren’t set […]
Movie Websites For Indie Films In Development

5 Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  Do you have a fully-fleshed out movie website for your film that is currently in development? If you do and it’s working for you, maybe you can skip this article – or read on and you could pick up some pointers? I know what you’re probably thinking already, it’s probably one of these things: […]
film crowdfunding mistakes

Don’t make these film crowdfunding mistakes

  Today, a lot of filmmakers use film crowdfunding campaigns to either partly or fully fund their projects. A lot of the times, the filmmakers have good intentions when they launch their campaigns.  Where they usually fail is when they don’t completely understand what they are doing and offering? If you’re planning one or are midway […]
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