Movie Websites For Indie Films In Development

5 Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  Do you have a fully-fleshed out movie website for your film that is currently in development? If you do and it’s working for you, maybe you can skip this article – or read on and you could pick up some pointers? I know what you’re probably thinking already, it’s probably one of these things: […]
Succeed By Progressing Imperfectly

Succeed By Progressing Imperfectly In The Indie Film Business

  When you’re developing, producing or even promoting and selling your Indie films, are you getting stuck at any one of these stages? Is it becoming harder for you to move on to the next stage of your film? Does it take a lot of effort and time and even then do you remain unsatisfied? […]
Build high value film business relationships

Stop Complaining And Build High Value Film Relationships!

  Most of the film industry works on high value based high quality relationships and it works well and has for decades…no point protesting it! Protesting and complaining seem like better options for many filmmakers and producers – rather than facing reality, doing what it takes. I have found that its their own low-level thinking […]
Filmmaking hoops

Demonstrate High Value And Stop Jumping A Million Filmmaking Hoops

  Several filmmakers and indie producers I have spoken to recently protested and complained that they just want to make movies and not have to stroke someone’s ego or jump a million filmmaking hoops to get through the door. Protesting and complaining for a fairer system is a waste of time for you individually in […]
Film Development Passion Score

‘Passion Score’ For Films In Development

  If you have an independent film that you’re currently developing from the script stage up or you’re in development hell – then you need to validate the film project by figuring out their Passion Score (PSS). PSS is a scoring system that I created & use exclusively to assess indie film projects that come to […]
Indie Film Market Share Capturing

Why Market Capture Matters For Your Low-Budget Indie Film

  Dropping costs have made it reasonably effortless for a decently put together £100K+ Indie film to enter the marketplace quickly & inexpensively. Now, that is the easy part. What’s matters most though is – MARKET CAPTURE. Why is Film Market Capture Important? Market capturing is crucial because the market share of your film’s target […]
How To Become Indie Film Investor Friendly

How to Become Indie Film Investor-Friendly Series – Part 1

  In this becoming Indie film-investor friendly article series, I’ll be documenting how a motivated film investor or financier views your film project, why & why don’t they choose to invest and finance a project and what you can do to maximise your chances of getting financed by them. Through out the series of article, […]
validating a indie film project

What do I mean by VALIDATING a £100K+ film project?

    I always enquire with my consulting clients whether they have had their £100K+ indie film projects VALIDATED by atleast 500 of it’s target audiences – even before the project has been properly packaged and the development phase has begun! This helps me and the film’s team & any potential financial backers to quickly evaluate whether the film […]
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