get confident in indie film business part 2

Get Confident In The Business Side Of Indie Films – Part 2

  A while back, I wrote Part 1 of getting confident in the business side of Indie films, using a hypothertical case-study of ‘Bob the filmmaker’. You can read Part 1 here. Using the same Q&A format like in Part 1, I would like to address a few more pressing questions that Bob has that is […]

5 more movie website must-haves

5 More Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  This article is a follow up to a previous article where I talked about 5 movie website must-haves for indie film in development. You can read the full article here. Continuing from that article, I wanted to share 5 more film website must-haves that I believe a lot of indie film websites aren’t set […]

Indie Film Business Cash Flow

Why Cash Flow Is King Kong In The Indie Film Business

  Cash flow is a very important subject for the independent film business owner. Being cash-poor or loosing control of cash flow is bad news for indie filmmakers and producers. Over optimism over cash flow and revenue is the number #1 source of failure of many indie film businesses in the long run. Cash flow […]

Reinforcing Failure In The Indie Film Business

Reinforcing Failure In The Indie Film Business

  Assumptions are very prevalent in the indie film business community. It’s assumptions that plague the 80%-90% that don’t have a successful track record in the indie movie business. Not only are assumptions usually costly but they make you act big while reinforcing failure. We know that success has a thousand fathers while failure is […]

Indie Film Business Opportunities In India

Indie Film Business Opportunities in India

  The Indian film industry and especially the Indian indie film scene, if you can can handle it’s uncomfortable, difficult, developing world environment, is a land of huge opportunity for the smart, agile, hard working Western indie filmmaker and producer. Because you were born and/or raised in the West and using your superior filmmaking skills […]

bitcoin and indie filmmaking

Bitcoin And Indie Filmmaking – Part 1

  Today in Part 1, I’m going to talk very briefly about one of the hottest investments in the world right now….and it could soon be a great financing option for Indie films. If you have no clue about Bitcoin, it is the most popular form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are a type of currency that […]

Movie Websites For Indie Films In Development

5 Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  Do you have a fully-fleshed out movie website for your film that is currently in development? If you do and it’s working for you, maybe you can skip this article – or read on and you could pick up some pointers? I know what you’re probably thinking already, it’s probably one of these things: […]

Succeed By Progressing Imperfectly

Succeed By Progressing Imperfectly In The Indie Film Business

  When you’re developing, producing or even promoting and selling your Indie films, are you getting stuck at any one of these stages? Is it becoming harder for you to move on to the next stage of your film? Does it take a lot of effort and time and even then do you remain unsatisfied? […]

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