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 “I’ll give you a 30 minute mentoring session. For just £75.00 and no additional fees, I will be happy to give you any information you need.”


Consult With PhilFMF


You probably have some questions or need clarification on some aspects of film financing/production/marketing your film. Or maybe you need some film business, career or financial advice.

Whatever you need help with, this is a catch-all mentoring service to help you get where you want to go in a short time. For a flat fee of £75.00, you have my full attention for 30 minutes to answer any questions on any topic I’m qualified to help you with. We can communicate in any way you like: phone,IM, Skype, or email. It’s completely upto you!

You can:

  • Pick my brain on any subject you like or ask me how I do/ would do things.
  • Get advice on your film financing efforts.
  • Work with me to overcome any sticking points you have with financing your film project and getting it made.
  • Receive advice on the current package of your film project.
  • Get career advice on the best path to take as a film professional.
  • Receive qualified film business advice in any area of the film business I’m qualified to talk about, which is quite a but. I’ve been in the film business for over 15 years, have personally funded more than 10 indie films and over the years have worked and consulted on film projects ranging from £100K to £10M+.
  • Anything else you may want to talk about that’s not on this list.
  • Push forward a film project you have in mind?


Before proceeding, allow me to make some things crystal-clear:

  • I will never reveal anything you tell me in any mentoring session to anyone, unless you wish me to.
  • I am also happy to sign a NDA if you wish.

Anything you need help with, I’m at your service at YOUR CONVENIENCE! If you have any questions on the consult, just email me here and I’ll be happy to help.

~Philip Varghese





** Absolute Rock-Solid No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee **




If during or right after your quickie mentoring session, you’re at all dissatisfied with the quality of my assistance, I will refund all your money, immediately, no questions asked. Why am I confidently offering this? Because I stand by the quality of my advice and I am confident I can help you. There is no risk to you doing this.




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Book your film money mentoring session now to get started. The payment button below are for one-time payments only for one 30 minute session. If you would like more than 30 minutes, just increase the quantity in the shopping cart. Quantities are in 30 minute increments.

All payments are made securely via Paypal or a credit card (via PayPal’s service) by clicking the buy now button below. Once I receive payment, I will email you to arrange your consultation.




30 Min Mentoring Session – £75.00


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