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My Story

Hi! I’m Philip Varghese, the founder of FilmmakerFortune.com and an independent film producer, indie film financing expert & BAFTA member for nearly 15 years. I have personally funded more than 10 indie films and over the years, I’ve worked and consulted on film projects with financing budgets ranging from £100K to £10 Million+ and over.

I’m from London and have also lived and (net)worked in Dubai, Mumbai, L.A. and Kerala. I have a MSc in Media Management from the University of Stirling and on top of that, for over a decade as full voting member, I have been judging films for the annual BAFTA awards. Few have the life experiences and the volume of work that I’ve had in the filmmaking trenches.

Why Filmmaker Fortune?

I founded FilmMakerFortune.com as the means to deliver my expertise & experience from the film business so that I can reach the 1000’s of filmmakers & film projects that are struggling to find the £1M+ in film financing they need to get made & self-distributing it. 

I’m passionate about helping independent filmmakers & producers get the financing they need and I have helped 100’s go from absolutely nothing to getting them made for £1M and much more – even when it was their first film!

Getting the £1M+ film financing you need to make your film projects is hard work. Others will try to persuade you to think otherwise. Why? Because they’re trying to take your money by offering false hopes. I’m here to tell you the truth: successfully financing £1M+ requires skills, expertise and a wide network of investor & talent contacts – all of which you can access through FilmMakerFortune.com or when you work with me.

Do I have any special skills that YOU can’t learn? Absolutely not. Adopt my methods and you’ll be able to accomplish as much or more than I have. If you’ve got the purpose and drive, I’ve got the ‘know-how’. I am standing by to help you.


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