5 ways to market your film like a pro

film marketing like a pro

I have found that a film’s marketing mojo comes from the filmmaker.  So if you are currently working on a film project or planning on starting one, know clearly how you’re going to market it. If you can’t figure out how you’re going to market the film, don’t start the film. Get some marketing advice!

Why Film Marketing?

Marketing is the oxygen of your film. Ignore it and your will film will die quickly – much like cutting off the air supply to breathe. A-listers have big marketing machines working for them. You need yours too.

Having said that, film marketing isn’t spending £££ you don’t have. Not every marketing thing you do needs or costs money.

There are many free methods. Here are a few I know works:

  • Make a Youtube video selling your story as as filmmaker.
  • Announce your new film on social media and get people to suggest plot points or character names.
  • Blog/talk about the difficulties you face/faced in starting your film. People love an underdog.
  • If you make/made any mistakes during your film’s journey, share them. Fans appreciate honesty.

5 ways to better film marketing

I have heard many justifications when a film doesn’t ‘work’. But usually it comes down its marketing. Typically, filmmakers leave marketing and promotion to the very end. And this turns into ‘The End’ for their films. 

As a filmmaker making their own fortune, you are going to avoid that fate.

1. Market from the start: You are going to begin marketing your film right from the start: Think marketing all the time. Pick a story that is marketable, work with a crew that is better-known, attach talent that is marketable.

You can market a not so good movie and make it successful. But you cannot make a good movie and not market it. You get the idea!

2. Have a marketing team: You must have a good marketing team working on the film project from day one. This investment will pay off handsomely later on.

3. Bigger Marketing Budget: Your film’s marketing budget should be at least twice your total film budget. 3:1 is even better. Say your film’s budget is £5,000, your marketing budget should be £10,000. Or you will most likely struggle to turn a profit. So factor that in.

4. Incentivize your fans: Ask them to refer your film to more fans. Like in the business world, referrals work for films. And it costs very little!

5. High-quality poster and trailer: Don’t have a crappy trailer and poster – these are the vital marketing organs of your film. Your film’s marketing will turn out to be a disaster even your favorite film super hero can’t save you from.

The more you market your film, the larger an audience it’s going to get. You know what this means, don’t you? More commercial and film festival interest in your film! So don’t waste any opportunity to market and promote you and your film. Any publicity you get will help!