5 things you can do in 5 minutes to get noticed by film fans

getting noticed by film fans

There is no doubt about it, when it comes to getting noticed as a filmmaker, your film fans matter…the most! But it’s very easy to take them for granted because you don’t know them all personally or you haven’t interacted with them one on one. Trust me, when I say that’s a dangerous strategy to adopt and is probably akin to signing your own filmmaking career’s death warrant.

I really have no idea why filmmakers do this though? It’s so easy to keep in touch with your fans nowadays online and to be engaged and engaging! Nevertheless, filmmakers really don’t do this enough. Except, when they need something or a favour from their fans…tell me, does this work for anyone in their personal lives? Then why would you assume this is going to work with your fans?

Film fans are just as human and need your validations, attention and support regularly too. Or guess what, they will move on from you and find some other filmmaker that does just this! Is that what you want – to be forgotten by alienating your fans and uninfluencing them?!

Here are 5 things you can do in 5 minutes REGULARLY to win and woo your existing/new fans and get noticed more:

1. Tweet to your fans: Being the creative filmmaker that you are, you can surely come up with something positive and/or interesting to say to your fans in 140 characters.  (Your time required: 1 minute)

2.Give and give even more: Give your fans something they will value or even cherish that is your own…a nugget of wisdom, a chance to have a Skype chat with you, or even win some film stuff that you can sign or memorabilia. Offer the giveaway on Twitter/your Facebook page/film’s website. (Your time required: 1 minute)

3.Ask your fans: Using your social media pages, ask your fans what they want to hear you talk about or do? Then just do it! (Your time required: 1 minute)

4.Run a competition: On your Facebook page, run a competition for which the prize is something special. This will definitely get your fans recharged and attentive – make sure you offer something worthwhile. (Your time required: 1 minute)

5.Behind the scenes stuff: Share more of the behind the scenes stuff from your film…give them an insider scoop to the comings and goings on your film set, within your cast and even what is going on inside your head. (Your time required: 1 minute)

Get cracking…you only need to spend a few minutes to do any or even all of these things to get noticed and appreciated by your fans. So, spend 5 minutes a day for 5 days a week on and for your fans. They deserve it and you will be rewarded for it too. Get ready, set your timer for 5 minutes…and go!

Please feel free to comment with your suggestions and questions below.