facebook ads for indie film revenue

Getting Started With Facebook Ads For Indie Film Revenue

  Once you have successfully listed your Indie Film on Amazon or another VOD platform, your work to generate film revenue isn’t done. Without doing any marketing or promotions, you just can’t sit there hoping audiences will find and then pay to watch your film/s on VOD. Marketing and promoting your film is your responsibility […]
bitcoin film funding

Bitcoin and Indie Filmmaking, Part 2 – Bitcoin Film Funding

  In Part 1 I had briefly introduced Bitcoin and described how Bitcoin filmmaking could impact indie film financing. If you’ve been following the recent surge in Bitcoin value and the rise of other alt coins, you’d have seen that in December 2017, the value of 1 Bitcoin briefly crossed $20,000 before being pegged back. This hasn’t […]
Film Investor – Friendliness Scoring Spreadsheet

How to Become Indie Film Investor-Friendly Series – Part 2

  In part 1, I talked in detail about the typical Indie Filmmaker/Producer Mindset Vs The ROI Film Investor (FIROI) mindset. You can read part 1 here. In part 2 here, I would like to run you through my mental process when a filmmaker first cold approaches me online to help them finance or package […]
accessing film funders

How To Get Access To Your Film’s Equity Funders

  What do you do when you have no access to funders to finance your £750K+ indie film projects? Let’s begin by examining why you don’t have access to any film funders, equity or non-equity in the first place. Unless you’re a very new feature filmmaker, I can’t think of a reason why you don’t […]
moving to Hollywood

What To Do Before Moving To Hollywood or London or Mumbai

  What do you do when you don’t live in L.A, London, Mumbai, Dubai or Hong Kong or anyone of the other established filmmaking centres? This is a question that’s often on the mind of a lot of young and even older filmmakers. Some of the common questions I’ve often received on this subject are: […]
Indie Film Development Financing Hell

Get Unstuck From Indie Film Development Financing Hell

  Film development financing is often confusing to a lot of filmmakers as evidenced from the many requests I received this year. So many independent filmmakers and producers have asked me to help finance and package their projects. I usually ask them upfront if they have some pre-development funds in place to actually fully develop […]
get confident in indie film business part 2

Get Confident In The Business Side Of Indie Films – Part 2

  A while back, I wrote Part 1 of getting confident in the business side of Indie films, using a hypothertical case-study of ‘Bob the filmmaker’. You can read Part 1 here. Using the same Q&A format like in Part 1, I would like to address a few more pressing questions that Bob has that is […]
5 more movie website must-haves

5 More Movie Website Must-Haves For Films in Development

  This article is a follow up to a previous article where I talked about 5 movie website must-haves for indie film in development. You can read the full article here. Continuing from that article, I wanted to share 5 more film website must-haves that I believe a lot of indie film websites aren’t set […]
Indie Film Business Cash Flow

Why Cash Flow Is King Kong In The Indie Film Business

  Cash flow is a very important subject for the independent film business owner. Being cash-poor or loosing control of cash flow is bad news for indie filmmakers and producers. Over optimism over cash flow and revenue is the number #1 source of failure of many indie film businesses in the long run. Cash flow […]
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