what's your #1 challenge with
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Whether you’re new to raising £1M+ in indie film financing & self-distribution
you’ve been trying for years with no luck,
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you’d like to go from £1M+ film financing “newbie” to expert fast,
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At Filmmaker Fortune (FMF), you get an experienced producer's help & support while also learning everything you need to know
for obtaining £1M+ in Film Financing For Your Indie Film Project & Distributing It
(Even if it's your first film or don't have experience handling big sums)


Want to Convince Film Investors To Put In £1M+ Soon?

  • Total value of film projects helped qualify for financing

  • Filmmakers & producers worked with & served in 15+ years

  • Hollywood & British A-list access for qualifying projects

  • Lots of insider stuff you won't learn in books & courses

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First Time Filmmaker Looking To Raise £1M+?


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